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The International Alliance of Youth Coding Educators (“IAYCE”, pronounced eye-ACE-eee) was formed in 2014 as a global alliance to share best practices and ideas among the top coding schools in the world.  Our goal is to group together to discuss, ideate, and form best practices and standards that strengthen our respective schools and help kids around the world learn to code.  Join us and contribute to a network of instructors and managers with a wealth of youth coding education knowledge.

IAYCE's member schools created an app gallery that shows what students from around the world can do.  Check out a random app sample on the left here, or just head over and take a look at our full App Gallery!


Our Philosophy

IAYCE believes that kids and teens around the world should learn the language of computers - coding.  By learning how to code, youngsters are empowered. They see the computer as a tool of creation, instead of consumption.  Pupils learn how to create an app, a game, or a website. They implement their visions in unique ways and help solve the problems they see in their world.  In addition to a wide array of games, IAYCE's students have launched Apps to help organize their school’s drop-off and pick-up line, support family members with mental disability, and even play a robotic guitar.

Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and many other world leaders have joined the quest for youth coding education. Learning to code opens countless exciting career and entrepreneurship opportunities for young adults. IAYCE believes that like any language, it is important to learn coding early on, and that kids and teens need not wait to be exposed to the amazing and infinite world of computer programming.

The IAYCE is also firmly rooted in the famous words of the legendary Steve Jobs - "I think everyone in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think". We observe daily in our students the improvement in numeracy, logic, and concentration. Whether kids grow up to be teachers, designers, or astronauts, the skills gained by learning to code will be an essential experience for their future careers.

Who We Are

Our School Values IAYCE Code of Ethics
  • Our students come first
  • Great teaching starts with great teachers.
  • Learning to code is fun and empowering.
  • Kids and teens must learn to code to create and capture the opportunities of the future.
  • By learning to code, our pupils learn to think.
  • By sharing best practices, all IAYCE members and our students benefit.
  • Students at our schools are taught regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.
  • Our business and academic practices are ethical. We seek to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Our schools are free from bullying and cyber-bullying.
  • We welcome schools with competitive overlap as we believe it enriches all of our schools and advances the movement to teach kids to code.
  • We will always use our best efforts to avoid the harming of the reputation, business, or any other aspect of our fellow alliance members
  • IAYCE was formed by two leading coding centers in the USA and Brazil. The Coder School and MadCode began their pedagogic collaboration in 2014. By sharing their experiences in and out of the classroom, these schools accelerated their learning of how to best teach coding in their respective environments. Such best-practice exchanges helped them to open more centers, partner with schools, and develop their own approaches to curriculum.

    The Coder School and MadCode soon realized that other educators around the world would benefit from such rich interactions and founded IAYCE. Since then, IAYCE has welcomed educators around the world.

    We're always looking for new members from around the world to join us.  If you are a top performing school, please scroll down and apply for your membership into IAYCE today!

    Membership Benefits

    Members of the IAYCE will have the following benefits:

    • Global Forum - our members-only online forum allows members to freely ask questions, share experiences, and even find archived information.

    • Member Branding - a logo that can be used to brand your website as part of a global network of coding educators

    • Members-Only Meetings - Scheduled meetings from time to time, focused on various educational topics. Agenda is defined by members based on interest and challenges faced at their schools.

    • Network Access - Open access to all other members, including an understanding of the various instructional models and offerings around the world.

    Sorry folks, IAYCE is currently not accepting new members.

    Apply to Be a Member

    Member Requirements

    • You must be operating your own dedicated location.

    • You must teach software coding to kids 18 and younger

    • Your teaching model must predominantly be in-person, not virtual

    • Your school must teach year-round

    • You must be teaching a minimum of 100 students concurrently

    • Once accepted, you must submit 5 or more applications to our App Gallery

    • Once accepted, you will be expected to share certain experiences and/or lessons as contributions to the alliance

    Application Process

    1. Fill out the form below.

    2. If you fit our requirements as determined by our admissions board, you'll be asked to sign a confidentiality and ethics agreement.

    3. Once approved, you'll be asked to share some basic operational data to all members. You'll also be granted access to IAYCE's Global Forum, and be included in our alliance network.

    4. There is currently no cost to the membership; however, your school must be approved by our board based on requirements shown above

    Application Form

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    Sorry folks, IAYCE is current not accepting new members.

    IAYCE Founding Members

    theCoderSchool was founded by Hansel Lynn in 2014 in the technology capital of the world - Palo Alto, California. Since then, Coder School has grown to over 17 locations and has taught many thousands of kids and teens in languages ranging from Scratch to Python, Javascript, Swift and many more.
    Founded in 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, MadCode teaches coding in several learning centers and schools across the country. Since then, MadCode has taught over 1,000 kids and teens basic and advanced programming. Classes are fun, project based, and lesson plans are integrated with school's core curriculum.